Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Product Review, Acne, A Trip To Target, and Dry Hair.

Hello, Hello,

You can probably tell by the title of this post that it has nothing to do with baking. I mean, I am just as excited about baking everything pumpkin as the next girl but this girl has been busy. The past two days I have been super super deep cleaning my house. Honestly, I want my house so clean that I could eat off of the floor if I wanted to. Not that I would ever want to.

Colin worked today so of course I took a break from cleaning for my normal walk to Target and let me tell you, the weather could not have been more perfect. It was the kind of weather that makes me think that moving to Chicago was completely worth it. It as the kind of weather that we would have for 3 days in Mississippi. Sweater weather = Perfection.

Okay, since I promised a lot of things in the title, let's get started. A product review:
I feel pretty strongly about not buying cheap nail polish. In fact, if you look at my nail polish collection you will only find OPI and Essie... And this bottle. I'm not a snob, I am just willing to spend $8 on a bottle of polish because the quality is so superior. I only bought this brand because OPI and Essie were pretty cleared out at my Target for some reason and I desperately wanted a bright red nail polish. I have been wearing this a lot recently. Of course, you get what you pay for and since I only paid $3 for this polish it only lasts about 3 days before it starts chipping. However, I do like the color and I also like the brush. I didn't take a picture of the brush but the corners/ edges of it are rounded, making application easier.

I also promised that we would talk about acne so I guess we can dive into that now. I have been breaking out for the last few months and it is really getting on my nerves. I thought my face was to get better when I grew out of my teenage years. Instead, it is steadily getting worse. I have tried a few face cleansers but none of them are really delivering like I need them too. I know that I am going to have to break down and buy Purity by Philosophy again but I really want a drug store product to work. It is so much more convenient and inexpensive. I guess I should take my own advice from the paragraph above "you get what you pay for" huh?
This is what I bought tonight at Target. I have had my eye on the blending sponge ever since I saw it in a youtube beauty guru's video. I want to try it out and see if I waste half of my make up in the process. I also got Cover Girl TruBlend make up. I have never tried their foundation before so I hope it is pretty good quality. I am also going to give Neutrogena's Acne Stress Control Cleanser a try. I know several people that use this cleanser and like it so it is definitely my last resort before I go back to Purity or even Proactive. The container all of the way to the left is a Pantene hair treatment. My hair has been really dry lately so I am trying to kick that dryness to the curb!

Speaking of hair, I am going on a trip home next month and get to visit my genius of a hair stylist who I miss so so much.

Okay, I think that about wraps up this already really long post. I promise that I am going to bake soon but I hope you don't mind these types of posts either. I enjoy writing blog posts just to write blog posts and ever since my revelation, I feel like I can do it a lot more. :)


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