Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mickey Mouse/ Twilight Cake

What a combination, huh? The story behind this cake is... Well, a lot of my friends have birthdays in July. Luckily, Tyler and Jamie have been best friends for YEARS so they wanted to have a joint birthday dinner, which meant a joint birthday cake. The choice for Jamie's side of the cake was simple, we love Twilight. We even went to Forks, Washington once... Yep, I am serious.
Jamie is all the way on the left, I am on the right, and our friend Angel is in the middle.

Tyler's choice was also pretty simple. He loves all things Disney, I promise you he goes to Disney World like, 850 times a year. Okay, maybe a little less than that but he does go a lot. Lol. He also works at a Post Office so when I found this picture on the internet, I knew exactly what to do.
I made a square cake covered in black fondant and used gumpaste to make the chess piece and apple (that looks like a tomato) for Jamie's side of the cake.. I used fondant for the ribbon and the white pieces of the chess board.
Things I learned from this side of the cake:
Gumpaste is heavy. When making bigger pieces I should use half gumpaste and half fondant.

Tyler's side of the cake:
I printed the image to be the right size that I needed. I then rolled out a large white piece of fondant and used the stamp picture as a stencil. I placed the picture directly on top of the fondant and used a toothpick to trace all of the lines of the picture, using enough pressure so that the lines would show on the fondant. I then used food coloring and water to paint inside all of the lines.

Things I learned from this side of the cake:
Start way earlier than the day of the party. Wait, didn't I say I learned that a few cakes ago? Oops..
The "paint" needed time to dry. Unfortunately, that was time that we didn't have. Tyler peeled the stamp off of the cake before we cut it though so, no harm done. At least no one wound up with food coloring stained teeth lol!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Last Wednesday Night

Last Wednesday both Colin and I were off of work and we ran errands and hung out. Around six we went grocery shopping and when we came home and were unloading groceries Mally, our one year old cat, ran out of the door. Colin went to stop her but I told him not to. I told him to let her run around for a little bit and she would come back happier, as she always does. We went inside, cooked dinner, cleaned, and I made sugar cookies. By this time it was around 1:30 in the morning. Right around the time that I was flooding the cookies, I started getting really worried. She had always come back and scratched at the door within a few hours. Colin said it wasn't safe to walk around the apartments so late at night so I just called her quietly from the back door so I wouldn't wake anyone up. She didn't come. I left the cookies on the cooling racks and paced the apartment until around 6:30 waiting for her to come home. I finally fell asleep and woke to a call from my landlord saying that someone had seen her around the complex but she wouldn't let them come near her. I rushed to where they had seen her but she was gone by that time. I walked around and around the apartment calling her and couldn't find her. I looked again the next day and the next.. And the next.I even checked the pound. Nothing. A week has passed, I never finished those cookies, they don't seem important anymore. The first few days I cried and cried all day when I wasn't at work but the truth that she isn't coming home has sunk in and I am dealing with it. People without pets probably think I am silly, it isn't like I lost a person, I know that, but I lost a friend all the same.
I loved her from the moment I saw her at Petland. My friends told me I could get cats for five dollars if I looked in the paper but I didn't care about the money, I wanted her.

I guess this is just to explain my absence. I don't want anyone to think that I am walking around like a zombie here, I am just not in the mood to bake right now. 

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