Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pumpkin Pie- First ever!

My baking day has been great so far. I made my first pie and pie crust ever. I used Pioneer Woman's pie crust recipe and the recipe on the back of the Libby Pumpkin Can. I looked it up online and it had some pretty great reviews, and now I see why.
To the pictures:

Workspace complete with Pioneer Woman's Cookbook.

Flour and Salt

Shortening added

After eggs and water added. It isn't pretty. I had a hard time getting it to not fall apart. Normal? I don't know.
Pumpkin Pie dry ingredients 

Pumpkin and evaporated milk
Poured into the crust. I must say, I knew I was going to love this pie because of the way it smelled. Oh My Gosh. It smelled divine.
The finished project. I accidentally spilled some of the filling onto the crust and thats why it looks burned on one part.
It was yummy. Plain and simple. I loved it. I think I will try a different pie crust next time though. It kept falling apart. I don't know if it was something I did or the recipe... I guess I will give it another try and see if maybe it was something I did. Martha Stewart has a recipe on her website for pie crust that I really want to try as well.

That is all for now. I may bake some more later but for now, Grey's Anatomy is about to be on. 

I have plans for sugar cookies with royal icing in the next post.



Your pie is beautiful! Sometimes when my crust is crumbly I just add another teaspoon of cold water. That usually helps it have more elasticity. Good luck!


Thanks so much, I will definitely try that!

Barefoot Belle

I love the look of a rustic pie shell--it means it's homemade!

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