Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cupcake Timer

A few months ago DH and I were shopping for a suit jacket for him to wear to work. We decided to check out TJ MAXX and see if they had any good deals. While he checked out the jackets I wandered into the housewares section and found this guy:
A cupcake timer!

It was only six dollars but when DH is on a mission for something specific, there is no talking sense into him :) He couldn't understand why a cupcake timer was important when his favorite suit jacket had just been ruined and was forced to consider new ones. Well, things don't last at TJ MAXX and by the time I was able to get back there, it was gone. I thought "Well, my kitchen will never be complete, there is no way anyone else will have a cupcake timer". A bit dramatic? Perhaps, but that is not the point. :)

I don't know why I never thought to google it but today while in Blicks Art Supplies I saw cupcake stationary with a cupcake on it that looked exactly like this timer! That little timer instantly came back in my mind and I thought "What an excellent birthday present to me!" I came home and googled it and TA DAH, I found it. Granted, my birthday isn't until November 19 but I have found exactly what I need! DH is not the type of person that likes surprises for his birthday and he doesn't understand why anyone else would either so he prefers me to tell him what I want and he tells me what he wants. Romantic? Not exactly, but it is what we do. At least I know I won't ever get a present that I don't like.

He recently got me a Kitchen Aid Mixer so I would feel bad if I asked for something expensive so soon. I think this timer (and maybe the Beauty and the Beast Diamond Edition DVD) will be just perfect. Here is the link if you are interested.



This is so cute!


I looove it, my husband wouldn't understand either. :)

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