Monday, August 29, 2011

My New Favorite Blog

My Mom called me the other day and said she had found a blog that I just HAD to look at. Now, these phone calls are far from rare so I really didn't think anything about it. My Mom is always finding new blogs and I read the posts that she liked but rarely go back to them.

This blog is different. I literally check it for new posts every day. On Confessions of a 20 Something, "Pink Lou Lou" writes mainly about fashion and hair styling but with a sweet and sassy southern charm. She is all about "the poof" which I haven't seen much of since moving to Chicago and Carrie Underwood, who she actually got to meet.

I like this blog not only because she made a curling iron tutorial that basically changed my life but also because she reminds me of my friends back home.

So, go check her out because she is pretty much what being a 20 something southern girl is all about :)


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