Thursday, August 25, 2011

Book Review: The Hunger Games

This book is EVERYWHERE right now because the first movie will be in theaters next year. I kept hearing that it was great and that I was crazy for not rushing to the bookstore to pick it up and devour it in one sitting. My attitude towards the book was very "eh". I wasn't excited by it or to quote my friend Jamie. I just "wasn't feeling it". Because I work at a movie theater, I watch a lot of movies. A lot. And I try to make a point to read the books that movies are based on before they come out so I can compare the two. Of course, the book always wins. Reading the book also tells me whether I even want to bother seeing the movie.

Take "One Day" for example. I know that there has to be people out there that adore this book but I read three chapters and just couldn't get into it. I never finished the book and I have no interest in watching the movie even though I like Anne Hathaway, especially when she is clothed :)

On Wednesdays, one of my days off, I have a tradition. Colin goes to work around 4pm and I walk to Target (4 blocks from our apartment) and just browse. Browse in this context could also be replaced with "spend money on things I don't need".  Target gets me every time :) Anyway, I always get a Dr Pepper from the snack bar, browse through all the clothes, try on what I like, look at all books and electronics, and make my way to the make up. By the time I am done in the make up section my arms are so full with things I don't need that I can barely make it to the register.

Yesterday, on my Target trip I decided to pick up The Hunger Games. "If I don't like it, at least I can tell everyone to shut up about it" I thought to myself. No such luck. You see, I started reading it around 8pm. By 8:15 I thought about putting it down and spending hours stalking on Facebook. By 8:30, I wouldn't stop reading that book if my house caught on fire. In fact, I didn't stop reading until 2:30am when I finished it. Yep, it grabbed me. It sucked me in and I couldn't stop reading, couldn't fathom putting it down.

Run to the bookstore. Lose yourself in this book. Devour it in one sitting. It is just THAT good.

If I tried to explain to you what it was about, you probably wouldn't be that interested so I won't. I'll just say go get the book. If you don't like it, you've only wasted $6.47 at Target.

I am currently neglecting all of my adult responsibilities while reading the second book, Catching Fire.

After I finish this series, what should I read? Any suggestions? This has been my replacement for Harry Potter and Twilight but just like they did, this series will end all too soon. Three books just isn't going to be enough!


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