Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Valentines Day King Cake?

I admit it, I had no purple, green, and yellow sprinkles on hand... But I would like to say that I just wanted this Kings Cake to be a Valentines Day treat lol.

Have I always lived near New Orleans? Yes. Have I ever had King Cake? No. Surprising, I know, it is basically a sin and I am not sure how it happened. It just never looked appealing to me. At this time of year back home the superstores are filled with them though so I thought I would bring a little home to Chicago for Colin's sake, at least.
The recipe can be found here.

It was fairly easy to make but it took a long of time because you have to wait on the dough to rise twice. I used a cream cheese filling instead of the one on the recipe but I wish I wouldn't have. I don't know what happened, but the filling was not very good. The bread is delicious and the glaze on top makes it even better but I won't even give the website I got the filling recipe off of lol. Just go with the brown sugar filling, I am sure it is delicious lol.


Amy of Sing For Your Supper

I tried to make a King Cake last year and it was a total failure! Arg!! I'm so jealous of your King Cake skills! :)


Thank you but I kind of view this as a failure because of the filling.. Ew! Lol, maybe next time I will stick with fruit fillings. You should try again, I am sure you could do it! Love your blog, by the way :)

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