Monday, August 27, 2012

Everything Is Bigger In Texas: Part 2

Okay folks, lets dive in to May, shall we?

Several things happened in this month and a couple of them were life changing. Here we go. May 6th is my brother, Hunter's birthday so we celebrated by going to a Cubs game. Not just any Cubs Game.. A Cubs vs Braves game. Whoa. And we didn't sit in the stadium, we went to a rooftop bar by the stadium and it was honestly the coolest thing ever.
This picture was from before the game started but it shows the view that we had. I took a picture as the sun was setting but I can't find it anywhere. It was pretty though, trust.
My brother will always be more photogenic than I am and I will always hate him for it.

Then, my oldest brother, Brandon, graduated from Ole Miss.Colin had to work so Hunter, Nicole (Hunter's girlfriend) and I made the trip to MS for the big event.
While I was in MS, Colin called me and said he had been promoted and that we were moving to an extremely small town in West Texas. I think I died a thousand deaths. Then, he told me we were leaving Chicago in exactly a week. I didn't even get back to Chicago to start packing for another four days. I died another thousand deaths. And then I bought that pink purse that I am holding in the picture above. Retail. Therapy.
So I had a heart to heart with my 3 year old sister and I think she told me to get over myself and go with the flow. After she set me straight, I enjoyed the rest of my visit with my family and then went back to Chicago late Monday night, followed by work and packing on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Friday, at 8am, Colin, Mowgli, and I left Chicago. More on the move in the next post, part three.


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