Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Birthday Cake Failure!

Happy birthday to meeee... Last Friday.

I haven't written a post in awhile because I have had family in town which was loads of fun. We celebrated Thanksgiving last Friday since me and Colin have to work on the actual day of Thanksgiving... I cooked my first Thanksgiving dinner complete with a Turkey and it didn't turn out half bad.

This is the birthday cake that I made for my sister and I. Her birthday is the day after mine so we just had one cake. Now.. I had a lot planned for this cake. There was going to be a lot of detail. But... Cut me some slack, I was busy! Cleaning, cooking, and laundry.. That is no joke! It is hard work when you let it all pile up like I had lately. :)

Remember the teal and purple fondant I made in the last post? Well I twisted it together to give the top layer a tie-dye look. It looked insanely good together, the colors were awesome... And then I rolled it too much with my rolling pin and turned it into one color which is what you see on the top tier.
The bottom tier is a tie-dye pink and yellow which I didn't roll too much lol, you can still see both colors!

Overall, I consider this cake to be a kitchen failure. The piped on flowers were done last minute because I didn't have time to finish the fondant peace signs with petal dust. 

Oh well, lessons learned.

At least it tasted good :)
I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, we sure did!


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