Thursday, September 23, 2010


Somethings that you should know about me:

*My name is Katie

*I am married to a pretty great guy.

*We recently moved across the country from Mississippi to Chicago, Il.

*I do not have a southern accent although I lived in Mississippi all of my life until now.

*Southern people are not stupid like they make them seem on tv.

*After changing majors about eighteen times, I discovered my passion for baking.

*I have a cat named Mally. Her name would have been George O'Malley but alas, she is a girl, so I settled for Mally.

*I love Grey's Anatomy, which is obvious to those who watch it because of my cat's name.

* I want to own my own bakery one day but for now, I do not claim to be an excellent, or even good baker. I created this blog as a way to document my baking journey. I promise to even document my failed attempts and I am sure that there will be a lot of those.

If you want to know anything else, you can email me at

Now, lets get to the baking!

This is the first cake that I ever decorated. My friend Jamie is sort of a hippie at heart so I made her bell bottom jeans with a tye dye belt. The writing around the cake says "Have a groovy graduation".
I made these cookies for her as well. I only made a few traditional gradution caps and the rest were "Peace, Love, and Happiness" themed.

#2: I made this cake for Melissa, a friend who is is so laid back and cool. Everyone that knows her knows that Melissa LIVES in flip flops. This was chocolate cake with nutella and buttercream filling.

#3: This cake was yellow cake with chocolate pudding filling and was made for a coworker's daughter's birthday party.

#4: This has been my favorite cake so far. It was a double birthday party. Jamie loves Twilight and Tyler works at a Post Office and loves Mickey Mouse ( Really all things Disney) so half of the cake was a Mickey Mouse stamp and the other was Twilight themed. Very fun!

These are all the cakes that I have done so far but I cannot wait to decorate more, learn more, and practice this skill that I love so much!


I Like To Cook 222

Very cute flip flops!
The Mickey Mouse cake is fantastic! How did you make it?


Thanks! For the Mickey cake I found an image online that I liked and used the copy machine at work to blow it up to the size that I needed. I then put it on top of white fondant and used a toothpick to trace the lines of the picture- just barely, I only needed to see them for painting- and then colored in the picture using food coloring. It was really fun and a big hit.

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